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Beyond the Device: How AR Merges Your Game With Life

Posted by Game Designer on July 19, 2018 at 10:02 AM


You’ve just completed that long quest. You save your game, set your controller down on the coffee table, and go on with the rest of your day. Those experiences are tied to you sitting in front of your television playing a game. Unfortunately, traditional gameplay doesn’t follow you wherever you might go. There’s no connection between your daily life and the game. All of this changes with Augmented Reality.  

furiends-AR-screenFuriends uses AR to put a virtual dog in your real world (even if the carpet is ugly)

Augmented Reality, technically, is considered the process of projecting a digital image as if it exists in real space. This action is merely the first step in blending what is real and what is digital, thereby mixing what you consider real life and a game. AR drives us toward new experiences, and forces us to think about technology differently, similar to how mobile games and mobile technologies have forced us to look away from the real world. People constantly take their phones out to prevent a lull in stimulation, but there is so much beauty in the real world that gets missed. AR redefines our relationship with technology and brings the user’s attention back to the real world. Getting the best of both worlds makes us so excited to work with this technology and why Furiends is best served as an AR game.

With Furiends, we want our users to create a relationship with their dog. To ask someone to be emotionally connected with something is a tall order in it of itself. Making it digital might make it even harder. Augmented Reality allows the dog to exist in real space, creating the illusion that it’s not bound to a device. Having this dog with you, wherever you are, gives the feeling that the dog is more alive. Take a picture of your dog and share it with your family. Hang out with friends and have your dogs play with each other. Dress your dog in clothes and other items that your real dog would never approve of. Keeping your individual, virtual dog with you at all times enhances your bond and also changes your perception of playing a game.  

You need to walk your Furiend, play with it, and feed it. All of these things begin to take shape in your life like a daily routine rather than a game. The more elements of your real life that are used in the AR game, the more this connection deepens. In Furiends for example, we use the player’s daily step count to drive much of our economy. In essence, your daily life directly impacts the game, whether you have your phone open or not. This is the power of AR: it’s not only about projecting a digital image, but about blending a person’s daily life with new experiences. With AR, you can go to live events, meet new people, and interact outside of a screen. AR brings back the human experience to technology.

With AR, people can go outside for walks. They can play fetch with their dogs in real dog parks. They have digital experiences like they never before. As the technology develops, the means of interacting with digital projections will grow as well. At Blue Goji, we will continue to find new ways to merge your daily life with the game. We want our games to enhance your life, not draw you away from it. That’s what the future entails with Augmented Reality.   

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