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  • If you’re new: make account
  • If you’re returning: wait a moment for the Remember Me function to load


  • Wait for blue rectangle to appear
  • If it’s not appearing: move phone up and down, keeping the camera pointed at the surface
  • If it never appears: need a better surface (floors & ground work best)


  • Tap backpack to bring up Food, Toys, Gear, and Trick inventories
  • Tap backpack to bring up Food, Toys, Gear, and Trick inventories
  • Pick how to interact with your pup: give them some food, play fetch, try on clothes, leash up for a walk, or create any combination of activities
  • For food and toys: Tap on the item to spawn it then flick upwards with your finger on the item to throw or place it on the floor
  • For clothes/accessories: Tap an item of clothing to instantly put it on your doggo
  • Tap the hamburger menu to bring up Daily Goals, Settings, Store, Camera Albums, and Buying Guide
  • TIP - Tap the Star/Furcoin rectangle for quick access to buying items, including more currency. Swipe left to access the rest of the store.


  • From the Trick inventory, tap on a trick icon to tell your dog to do it
  • Tricks can also be assigned to a swipe gesture by holding & dragging a trick down to one of the 4 hexagons right above the backpack
  • Tell your Furiend to come! at any time by double-tapping the screen


  • Clean up your Furiend’s accidents with the clean up kit in your Gear inventory
  • Tap the kit to watch the messes magically dissolve and disappear
  • Regularly interact with your doggo to keep them happy
  • TIP - Get more stars and furcoins by walking and playing with your Furiend
  • Furcoins are generated from steps taken
  • 100 steps = 1 Furcoin
  • Stars are earned by keeping your Furiend happy
  • Both currencies can be earned by completing Daily Goals


  • Use your well-earned Stars and Furcoins to purchase clothes, toys, gear, and treats
  • Dress up your furiend however your heart desires – they like the attention!
  • TIP - seasonal outfits are limited edition, so get them while you can
  • Get awarded for your activity with a Woof Box: a random collection of items & currency
  • Earning a Woof Box will also bump you up a level, unlocking new items to collect


  • If dog seems to be stuck – respawn them and proceed
  • If you are not generating Furcoins or steps in your Daily Goals, check Apple Health to ensure it is registering your steps
  • Dog is less likely to drop toys while playing fetch if sad – perform ‘come here’ command to encourage dropping the toy
  • When attempting a command, a blue flash around the screen means they will do it, a red flash means they don’t want to (you can keep trying until you get a blue flash without affecting your pup)
  • Seeing something funky? Get in touch with us via furiends.com/support